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The Fell Hound of Adversity


Pulp Fiction parable!

Outrageous Noir Fantasy!

Two-fisted romance!


Cooks and crooks trade blows in the Charmed City, a decaying metropolis ravaged by hard times and conniving politicians. A down on his luck line cook, Rudi stumbles headlong into a deadly conspiracy that threatens to destroy the city. As Rudi struggles to make things right he finds himself the target of dangerous folk, including the beautiful and deadly federal agent Colonel Stavrogin, and the malicious Princess of Darkness who runs the city underworld. All the while bodies pile up in the streets, rumored to be victims of the dark beast that has hounded the city from its founding.


He was a luckless line cook. She was a ruthless federal agent. When they met, it made sparks fly, followed soon after by bullets and explosions. What they had between them didn’t make sense in this crazy mixed-up world, but would it be enough to keep them both from losing it all?

It has so many big words.



The best book I ever read!! Whatever it's about.

a well compensated anonymous stranger

It's pretty good. Not great, but pretty good.

Supportive Dad

I came for the bare-knuckle culinary action, I stayed for the two-fisted romance.

Joe B.

Thrilling Dostoyevsky fan fiction, with a dash of Dashiell Hammett and a pinch of P.T. Barnum.

A. Guy

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